Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I'm Loving


Today I am loving this little dude so so much.

He is almost 1! 
And boy, this past year has just flown by. He is looking to be my last baby also. So it makes me love and hate all his milestones at once! 

He is loves waving bye-byes, clapping and his babbling is actually starting to sound like real words. He adores his older brother and sister and likes to snuggle into me when I pick him up.

I so want another baby but Hubby is telling me otherwise. He claims that kids have made him lose his hair. Sorry Babe, you were losing it at 19. BEFORE we had any kids. Find another excuse!

I am playing along with Paisley Jade today, pop on over and say Hi.


  1. Hahaha - my husband also has the 'kids made me lose my hair' card - though I tell him it's genetic since his brother with no kids also has the same hairline :-) I'm currently gunning for another baby - we'll see!!!

  2. Oh he's such a cutie! It is amazing how fast they grow up isn't it - look at my big 12 year old now!!

  3. what a gorgeous little man you have, loved my little boys! Also as a mum of four... I can tell you four is full on, if that is any consolation :)

  4. Oh Amy he is just edible! Yep eat him up!!! Yes i used to actually feel panicked by milestones " losing my baby!" then quickly get worried about the " careful what you wish for" clause....JUst cherish the days, blink of an eye and all that.


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