Sunday, June 12, 2011

Something I wanted to share

I was on Twitter the other day and got a notification that I was now being followed by someone called Pick Plan Play. Intrigued, I clicked to see what they were all about and because spammers have been liking me lately I wanted to make sure it wasn't another one of those pests. And to my surprise it wasn't! It was the Twitter feed of a new website designed to help parents find activities and attractions for their kids.

The idea is very straight forward and you know what, I love it. I am always looking for new things for the kids to try out and to get some ideas in all the one place, well that is just fab because it saves me time!

Here is a little bit about Pick Plan Play

Have you ever struggled to find interesting kids activities to keep them amused and entertained? Nothing to do with the kids on a rainy day or in school holidays? This is something we have heard way too often.. and so.. ta da! Pick Plan Play has been born.
Pick plan play is an online calendar for discovering kids activities. Simply pick an age, plan your day and play away!  Pick Plan Play is unique as it is one of the only kids calendar based websites, making it a easy, simple and attractive website to useWe are a young, fun and dynamic company with the knowledge of what parents are looking for, in an activities based website.
We are launching in July, but until then make sure you register your details at and become a fan on facebook and twitter!
 Go check it out. I can't wait until it launches.

Disclaimer: I didn't get anything to write this post. I just think it is a really fab idea and wanted it to share it with all you lovely peeps!


  1. This definitely looks amazing!

  2. What a great site, it is always handy to get new ideas.


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