Monday, June 6, 2011

CLOSED {Review & Giveaway} Gnomeo & Juilet DVD

Last week  we received another fantastic DVD to review. I made the mistake of telling the kids that we were going to be watching Gnome and Juliet soon and showing the kids the trailer long before we actually received the DVD in the mail. Caden laughed through the whole trailer, and spent the following week waiting for the postie every morning only to be disappointed that no DVD was in the mail. 

It was like Christmas when is finally arrived. He put it on straight away and sat down with Mahli to be captivated for the whole thing.  
This DVD came at a great time seeing as all three kids and myself did nothing much but watch movies last week due to all of have being sick. Gnomeo and Juliet certainly got a workout. 

Now we all know the story of Gnomeo... sorry Romeo and Juliet. Well now it is being re-told yet again but with a twist.
Two gardens, both alike in dignity, set the scene for this epic adventure starring two of history’s most treasured lovers...well, sort of. Shakespeare’s legendary tale returns like you’ve never seen it before in a heart-warming story about love, hate and garden gnomes. Gnomeo & Juliet will captivate young and old alike with state of the art animation, hilarious dialogue and a sensational soundtrack.

They aren't joking when they say it has a hilarious dialogue and a sensational soundtrack. It really is a crack up and Elton John certainly knows how to create an awesome movie soundtrack.

Gnome and Juliet is due to be released in stores on June 29th and guess what! I have one copy to give away to one of you. So here is the drill

  1.  Leave a comment on this post tell me your favourite Elton John song or tell me your favourite movie version of Romeo and Juliet
  2. For additional entries Tweet, share on facebook or even blog about this giveaway. If tweeting please remember and use @MahliMoo.
    Please remember to leave separate comments per additional entry.

Entries close on the 20th of June 2011 and the winner will be announced on the 21st of June 2011 on this blog

Disclosure: I received a complimentary DVD review copy courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Porter Novelli via Digital Parents. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.



  1. Poor caden having to wait like that! I bet he was super excited when it finally arrived!!! So Heaths fav elton john song is Candle in the wind!!!

  2. My favorite version of Romeo and Juliet is with Leo Decaprio and Claire Danes.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. Ohh poor Caden having to wait. Hubby and Hunter saw this at the movies and were talking about it for ages...I missed out so would love to see it.

    My favourite Elton John song is can you feel the love tonight - because of Lion King!

  4. I've shared on my FB wall too.

  5. I love the Romeo & Juliet version with Leonardo Da Caprio in it. I finally felt like I understood the story after seeing it.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  6. Thats easy Tiny Dancer all the way gives me that special feeling that i could justlisten to it over and over (within reason of course)

  7. I love all the Elton John music on the soundtrack of that old movie - Friends made in around 1970 -especially the song Friends:

    I hope the day will be a lighter highway
    For friends are found on every road
    Can you ever think of any better way
    For the lost and weary travellers to go
    Making friends for the world to see
    Let the people know you got what you need
    With a friend at hand you will see the light
    If your friends are there then everything's all right
    It seems to me a crime that we should age
    These fragile times should never slip us by
    A time you never can or shall erase
    As friends together watch their childhood fly

  8. I loved the baz lurman version. I took my (then) little cousin to see it. She'd never heard of the story before and balled. Will never forget that. lol.

  9. Definitely Tiny Dancer, or Daniel :)

  10. I love rocket man. And I think gnomeo and juliet is my fave version to date - i think this is the way shakespear should always be done now!


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