Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Creative Spaces

So... I have a confession. I have all these half made softies lying around ready to be finished but I am just too scared to do it...

You see the sewing of their bodies is completly fine. I can handle that, stuffing them I have down to a fine art... but handstitching their faces... well I suck!

Case in point:


This guys was made as a gift for a little boys name day recently. Yep, that is one messed up face, well not all of it. I do like the eyebrows. I don't have the patience for handstitching... and it is another thing I have discovered that I need to attempt when the kids are sleeping. His nose is so mangled because my two eldest kids were fighting with each other and I was trying to defuse the situation... 
His eyes weren't always made from felt either...

Do you have any great tips or links for me so I can improve me handstitching skills?? I mean anything as to be better than what I did to this guys face!

Pop on over and check out some creative soul or at Our Creative Spaces. You will no doubt find someone who can handstitch with there eyes closed!


  1. I find him lovely! Nice work :)

  2. I think he looks really sweet even with a mangled nose... oh dear :) Love the fabric for his body.. really cute!!

  3. I think his face is perfect the way it is! Any 'imperfections' as you see them add expression and character! Great job!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. I think he's cute ;-)
    The only suggestion I can offer for hand-stitching is practice makes perfect.

  5. I think he looks lovely. I do know what you mean though - I attempted to make an owl this week and you should see his poor crooked eyes!

  6. he looks very cute! faces are tricky, but i find the best way to sew / embroider them is to do it first and then sew the body. this way you can unpick the face and redo it if you are not happy with it, and also hide the ends well. also, lots and lots of practice will help too :)

  7. I love the eyebrows! I think he has great character the way he is.

  8. I think he looks lovely. Softies are not my thing at all, I make them and they incite fear from children and evoke scorn in adults....i went in a softie swap once, never hear a word from the recipient! LOL probably taking her kids to counselling, maybe i should of offered some counselling with them! LOL

    Truly he is lovely, if you are that worried use buttons for eyes, possibly vintage style -NOT googly eyes though, what are they about!?

  9. Just keep at it Amy...I have a few whimsy patterns and the first few faces were complete right offs but the more I practised the better I got :)

    I think he looks rather charming.


  10. I think he's sweet. I can do eyes but tend to mess up noses and mouths! (and I can't sew with my machine) Practice really does make a difference with embroidery. Also making sure you have the right needles etc. You could try painting faces? Experiment with different threads and thicknesses etc. We are all so critical of our own work. :)

  11. He is so cute, I would adopt him


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