Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Creative Space

I can't beleive it is Thursday already. These weeks are just going by so so fast. Which in turn means this year has just flown. My littlest man is turning ONE on Sunday!!!

So this week we got our Martha on and made some party decorations...

Paper Flowers for Ethans First Birthda

Paper Flowers

{ Yes I stuck them to the ceiling with some washi tape... I couldn't find anything clear to stick them there... It's okay I am moving them oustide for the party and will find a suitable clear adhesive to hang them with}

We also made some birthday presents for the little man. I will show you the presents after his birthday is over.

As always I am linking up with Our Creative Space, the new place Kirsty set up for everyone!


  1. saw this on my creative space ... the link photos likes look the baby in the background is playing peek-a-boo. These are awesome, well done!

  2. I still love the pom pom!!! They wont go out of fashion for a long time yet

  3. I adore fleur poms...I taught my girl and her friend how to make these simple and easy but they look amazing.


  4. These are fabulous. I've seen smaller ones than these used on magazine shoots that sell for about $30 each. Well done.


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