Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am grateful for a year of...

... Firsts

1st smiles
1st laughs
1st night sleeping through
1st successful attempt at rolling over
1st time sitting up unassisted
1st Tooth (Although not the crankiness that went with it!)
1st worm like crawl
1st real crawl
1st time standing up by himself

And tomorrow a 1st Birthday!

My littlest man turns ONE tomorrow. Where has this year gone? His isn't walking yet, but to tell you the truth I am kind off grateful about that too. He gets into enough crawling and pulling himself up on things.

What are you grateful for today?

Pop on over to Maxabella's to share in the gratefulness.


  1. GORGEOUS!! Happy 1st birthday all over again in your household, how exciting!! I do miss babies, mine were so happy, easy, sleepy, speedy, completely adorable. Wishing lots of rounds of extra kisses tomorrow for your littlest fella, love Posie

  2. So lovely! What a year. Hope you all have a great time tomorrow!

  3. What a lovely year of firsts indeed!!
    Hope tomorrow is full of love, joy and laughter.


  4. A great year of firsts - and doesn't it go too quickly? It's nice to take a moment to be grateful and remember them all :) Thanks for sharing them!
    And happy birthday to the little guy for tomorrow. May the next year be filled with wonder, laughter, joy and love.

  5. Oh that's SUCH a 'GREATful', Amy. A year of firsts, indeed. It's such a cliche to say 'they grow up so fast', but don't they just?! Happy birthday to your little cutie. x

  6. Happy Birthday to your little man. A great grateful list. First smiles and first laughs are the best. Gill xo

  7. aww happy birthday to your little man! hope you had an ace day! xx


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