Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disney Pixar's Car 2... Are you excited???

 My kids certainly are! Ever since seeing the new Cars 2 toys in the shops Caden has been counting down the sleeps until when he can see Mr McQueen {He has called Lighting McQueen this for as long as I can remember} again at the movies. In the mean time I have been subduing them with this trailer.

Cars 2 is due for release on June 23rd and I am counting down the days as well cause that means no more 'Are we going to the Movies to see Cars 2 today Mummy?'

Caden has also already been telling me what he wants for his birthday, which isn't until September. And you guessed it. It is all Cars 2 merchandise. Every single thing he has asked for comes from the movie...

Here's hoping I don't go crazy from the questioning of how many days left... only 19 to go...

The lovely people at Nuffnang are offering you the opportunity to score family passes to Disney/Pixar Cars 2? For more info go here.

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  1. oh yes hubby and Hunter are looking forward to CARS 2 (Hubby more so I think!!). We went to the MACK touring show last weekend - I wrote about it at the Little Yoyo styles blog - it was so much fun!


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