Tuesday, June 14, 2011

25 Random Facts...

...about me. So today, I really have nothing to write about. I am soooooo tired from Mahli being up and coughing (and vomiting) for the last few nights, my brain just can't function properly. So thought I would Treasure myself on Tuesday Treasures and share some random facts about me. Be prepared to be bored!

So here goes:

  1. I despise my middle name even if it is my Grandmothers first name and I love her to bits
  2. Up until I was pregnant with Ethan I hated tomatoes. I now love them and they are one of E's favourite foods
  3. I have a small red birthmark on my stomach
  4. I had my belly button pierced as a teenager but had to take it out once I got pregnant with Caden 
  5. My favorite colour is apple green
  6. My first pets name was Ima. She was my parents Rottweilers. 
  7. I owned a hours named Bonnie as a child, but my grandparents moved of there acreage and they sold her on me *sob*
  8. I would love to have a 4th child. B, not so much
  9. I have to have my toast hot. Can't stand cold toast
  10. After an ungodly experience with Bundy Rum at schoolies I can no longer handle the smell of it let alone the taste. That was 9 years ago. Who ever thought doing Rum shots was a good idea needs a slap... HARD
  11. I had size 8 feet until I had kids, they grew. I am now a 9
  12. My eyes randomly change colour from Blue to green occasionally, and not always both eyes at the same time. It used to freak my friends out when I was a teenager
  13. I drive a ford territory. Not my first choice, but I have grown to love it
  14. I live in the same place I was born in and badly want to move
  15. I LOVE Sleep
  16. I am NOT a morning person
  17. The past two points make life hard with a son who is up at 5:30am every morning and another son who wakes frequently at night.
  18. My daughter has inherited my love of sleep. She could sleep all day if we let her!
  19. My house is known as the Zoo by friends and relatives. We have 3 dogs, 4 cats, 4 birds and two guinea pigs (don't tell the local council!)
  20. I would love three chooks
  21. I love Jack Johnson
  22. I have read the whole twilight series
  23. I like moscato, in fact I love wine full stop!
  24. I have grey hair! I am only 25 and have had grey hair for two years!
  25. I can't stand tuna, the smell, the texture. YUCK
So, you still awake? Do you have any random facts about yourself that you would like to share with me?? Pretty Please?

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  1. Sorry to hear Mahli is sick! Lack of sleep is HARD.

    I have 2 kids and I go back and forth on having a 3rd. We are in the process of planning and building a house and if we do have another child later on (I have 2 under 18 months currently so it will be a LOT LATER ON!) it would mean sharing rooms and I always had my own room growing up and always thought I would want that for my kids too....

    I always thought I would be happy with just 2 kids but now that my youngest is losing his "newborness" I think about another.

    I love random facts about people (so that is a random fact about me!)

  2. Ditto to number 15 and 21!

    Love reading your blog Amy. You are so creative, Im very jealous!

  3. Lovely post Amy...hope your sick little one is better soon. I am not a morning person either...I love the quiet of the house when all are in bed (only hubby now as my kids are grown)so I am often up really late. Also I was a pathology receptionist for 18 years and had to be smiling at 7am every morning to hordes of starving people. I now love my sleep ins.

  4. What a hoot!! I can relate to so many of these it's uncanny.

    I too hate my middle name that was my nan's first name..love moscato..ditto Jack Jonhson..was grey well before my time..can't wait for a 6th child..my feet grew with pg and I have read the twilight series :)

    Nice to learn a little more about you and hoping Mahli is much better soon.


  5. Thanks for sharing your random facts with me girls! Love them!

    @Tammi- Ugh, grey hairs are the pitts aren't they!

    @Lulu- I had no.2 when no.1 was 15 months old so I remember the hard work it was BUT it has paid off they are the best of friends now (mostly)

  6. You are indeed a treasure.
    No wonder I feel like you could be my daughter, we have so much in common. My feet went from a 6 to a 7 after I had my kids. Thought I was the only one.
    You should read the Sooky Stackhouse books, I think you'd love them. So much better than Twilight saga.

  7. It is alaways good to stop now and then and take stock. You have noted some treasured tidbits in there that I think even you did not relize are treasures.

  8. Amy I enjoyed reading about you , fun facts and by the way I am a huge fan of Jack Johnson too since being introduced by my grandson . Oh and my feet got larger as well after having the boys , strange isn't it . Hope your little one is well real soon .

  9. Hello Amy,

    Wow some interesting treasures about yourself. Hope the family is feeling better.
    happy days.

  10. I love these exercises! Fun! I would love three chooks, my eyes change colour, i love wine, my feet "grew" or flattened a size bigger too. Lordie we must be twins!!!

  11. I have to have my toast hot too!
    Strange fact about me: I love pineapple served cold, but if it's warm, like on a pizza or in stir fry, I gag.


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