Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Today I am treasuring sleep ins and the whole family snuggling under the doona.

I had no photo, but it looked like this but replace add in a few humans too.
 This week has been a marked improvement on last, where sleep evaded us and we where all walking zombies. I am still not sleeping much, but at least the kids are and they have even been sleeping in. This morning they climbed into my bed and snuggled with hubby and I for a good half hour. It was bliss! All of us warm under one doona on a overcast winters day.

Today I am playing along with Melody. Pop on over and see what everyone else is treasuring, it  may be a thing, a person, a place or even an idea so mosey on over an have a look.

And don't forget to pop over here and enter my giveaway.

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  1. Kitties always manage to look cosy. Sleeping in and being warm are wonderful treasures.

  2. I still treasure those sleep in mornings, even though my 2 have grown up and moved out of home. Especially in winter! :)

  3. I look back on the days when my boys were little and ran and snuggled in wuth us in the morning, as some of the best times in my life. So glad you had such a happy start to the day. Hugs.


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