Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I am not sure what one thing I want to share with you today...

At the moment I am treasuring my books as they allow me to escape my mind and venture off into someone elses life.

This week I am spending time with Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby.
I am about half way through and am still unsure what I think of it. 

Have you read it? If so, what are your thoughts???

The bonus of disappearing into a book means I am slowly crossing of books on The Big Read list.  I still have a gazillion to go, but I am slowly getting there. I am also in the middle of Anna Karenina & Wuthering Heights... I like to mix it up a little :-P

I am playing along with Melody today for her Tuesday Treasures. Pop on over and see what everyone else is treasuring today.


  1. Hi Amy, thanks for being part of Tuesday Treasures. I'm reading through my list too and am reading Holes which I'm really enjoying. THanks for this great idea. What do you think of Anna Karenina - I loved it.

  2. Books are such a great escape aren't they.. Hope you enjoy the Great Gatsby..

  3. Books, whatever their titles, are always treasures. :)
    I read Gatsby many many years ago. Even at the end, I wasn't sure whether I really liked it or night. It was as if I was somewhere on the outer waiting for it to take hold of my totally absorbed interest. I never really related to any of the characters personally. I think Fitzgerald meant it to be that way, somehow.

  4. Never read that book but books are treasures and I really loved Anna Karenina .

  5. I read this one back in school. Not that fussed on it. I never used to read for fun (AKA not enforced by school) until I discovered chick lit. I love to read books generally about women in their 20's or 30's, set in england or ireland, often involving a lot of pubs, curries, and loads of laughs. I am thinking marian keyes! If you are ever looking for something light hearted and funny... I'm your woman! Have loads of recommendations. hehe Enjoy your escaping :-)


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