Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our creative space

Is it really Thursday already??? Yes, well then I guess it it time for My creative space and it has been a busy space this week peeps! 

I finished off my Cushion for the swap Punky and Me is running.
Yes, I love it that much that I am going to show you again. You will be sick of this cushion soon!

I have been finishing of a Nappy Stacker for an order (My first nappy stacker ever too!) I don't have any photo's of that just yet, but will hopefully have some soon.

I was hoping to show you my finished lap quilt from last week but alas, I am still quilting it and am hoping to bind it over the weekend, so maybe next week!

But there have been some fabric necklaces in the works

I am keeping one necklace for myself and giving the others as gifts. I needed some colour to add to my seemingly monochrome winter wardrobe.

We have also been playing with some plastic headbands and strips of fabric, but alas I didn't get any photo's of them as my camera battery died and it is still charging...

My crafting and sewing time has been limited this week as I have been busy organising my kids bedrooms. And that is taking up a large chunk of my time, hopefully I will be finished them this weekend and I can move onto the next part of the Organised Home Challenge. I am going to take Megan's lead and start making some homemade cleaners.

For more creative spaces pop on over to the new place that Kirsty set up!


  1. This is my first look at your cushion! Love it :)

  2. That cushion is fabulous!! LOVE the ruffly flower! Cute fabric necklace too - I can see why you want to keep it for yourself!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I know what you mean about it being a busy week. Feels like its been a busy tear for that matter! Love the cushion, particularly the run of spotty material around the edge. Nice one!

  4. Love the cushion, I am drawn to 3d stuff.

  5. Gorgous cushion. It does take time to create, then photogragh, then put on computer. The day is too short!

  6. Wow, that cushion is to die for!!! Love it!!

  7. Gosh you have been busy. That cushion is so textural it just invites touch, did you make the petals from wool?

  8. Love the cushion. I wouldnt want to part with it either.
    I've just started getting back in to my crafting again and I'm really enjoyg it.
    It love to know hot to make those fabric necklaces, are they easy?

  9. Notchka- The flower is made out of wool felt :-)

    Rebekah- The necklaces are so so easy. I am posting a tutorial for them on Sunday as I have had a few people ask how I make mine.

    Thanks so much for your comments guys :-)

  10. I love the pillow and the fabric necklace. I was just going to ask how you made it when I see you will be doing a tutorial. I can't wait! :)

  11. Amy I love your cushion..secretly wishing it was heading my way ;)

  12. Great work, Amy. I love the necklace.

  13. I love your cushion, wish I was in the swap receiving yours!
    The necklaces are beautiful too.

  14. hi amy, thank you for the compliment on my quilt! i LOVE your pillow. i have been looking at these for awhile now. was it difficult?

  15. I love the finished cushion, Amy. It's really such a gorgeous statement piece.

    And those fabric necklaces are divine. My little girls would love them to bits and pieces (unfortunately!!!) x

  16. Wow! Great work Amy. You certainly have been busy! Love the cushion, and the necklaces! Looking forward to the tutorial :-)

  17. Thank you SO much for putting so much effort into my gorgeous cushion, I love how fresh the red and white looks, and the flower is so fluffy!

    I let my daughter open the parcel and she was so excited :)

    I'm so glad I found your blog, will be trying some fabric necklaces soon!


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