Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm grateful for...

It's Saturday already, so you all know what that means... a huh I am playing along with Maxabella again for

Things are still pretty shitty after last weekend... but I am looking to the positives or the black dog will come visiting me again and we don't want to that. So I am grateful for...

Blue Skies

Please ignore the fact that we haven't finished out Patio roof...


Mother's Day Morning Tea's


image from weheartit
 Friends- real ones, not the TV show... but I do miss that!

image from weheartit
(I didn't want to put there actual photo's up so you get a generic version...)

What are you grateful for today?

Pop on over to Maxabella Loves and play along!

Til next time


1 comment :

  1. Cuddles! Yes please!

    And you just keep kicking that black dog to the curb, you hear!? x


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