Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am sharing my creative space this week...

... with my eldest son Caden. He is 4 and with the help of his Kindy teachers he has been creating a bit this week.

Can we all say Awww together now?!?

He was so funny when he got home yesterday afternoon, not letting me unpack his bag or anything. But then he decided that he couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me.

Happy Creative Spacing peeps! And Happy Mothers Day to the Mums/Moms out there!
Pop on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces!
Till next time...


  1. Naww so adorable!! I love the creativity of little people.

  2. Oh how sweet!!!!! Hope you have a lovely Mummy's Day :)

  3. They are the sweetest gifts possible!! I have a little wrapped gift from daycare. Can't wait til Sunday!!!


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