Monday, May 9, 2011

Family Tree... What is hiding in yours?

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I recently started researching my family tree, it is interesting to say the least. But my god my ancestors could of made it easier for us by using different names!

On my maternal grandmother side there are so many bloody James Gowans it's not funny, then we have my maternal grandfathers side. Robert and George are the favourites there which incidentally are his given and middle names. Then we pop on over to my fathers side and well they are all VERY good Catholics with at least 13 children to a family. Remember I said at least so some families are rivalling the Duggars!

It is strange though as we are having some trouble finding some family members, with no birth records etc. But these are family members that my mother and grandmother remember... so the really do exist.

There is even some scandalous behaviour happening on my maternal Grandmothers side. Her biological grandmother passed away and he Grandfather remarried, but he married his dead wives sister. Nothing like keeping it in the family right? And something a little bit closer to home. My Maternal Grandfather doesn't know who his father is. All anyone knows it that he died in the war. My Nanna Fin died without telling him who his father was. She only told one other person and they carried that secret to there grave too.

I could go on forever about my family tree, but I will stop now as to not bore you.

Have you had a look at your family tree? Or do you have no interest in it?


  1. My mum starting doing her side a few years back and has come to a standstill...I think she got back to the early 1800's. Likewise on my father's side they have only managed to go back so far, but the stories and things we have learnt are great pieces of our history :)

    I can relate to being from a large family..mine and my hubby parents are one of 48 silbings between them and we have many many cousins. Family reunions go into the 100's literally.

  2. I really haven't investigated ours at all.
    I am interested in all the stories but I haven't done any of the digging myself. I will have to at some stage I think.

  3. He really was keepin' it the family!!
    My sister is currently researching our family tree; the first child going back three generations was always born within 5 months of the wedding (instant babies). We've also got a couple of criminals who did jail time for seriously scary crimes.


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