Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

This is my first time linking up to Tuesday Treasures. And for this first time I wanted to share this photo. It isn't the best shot, but Miss Mahli is camera shy at the moment.

To explain- I treasure her fashion sense or lack there of. You may be thinking, What, she looks cute in here red puppy jumper and jeans. But what you can't tell from the photo is that 1. She isn't wearing a top underneath and 2. We live in Central QLD where winter won't hit for another 2 months at least!
That kid makes me laugh so many times a day! MOST of the time she is a treasure to have around EXCEPT when she starts a tantrum. Then the screaming starts and doesn't stop for a long long time.

What are you treasuring today?

Pop on over to The House on the Side of the Hill to see what other people are treasuring. It may just make you smile a little!


  1. Miss Mahli must be dreaming of winter in Qld like I am in Perth & can't wait for it to happen. She is a cutie! Tracee xx

  2. Hi Amy, Mahli looks like a devilish treasure :)

  3. Ha, she looks like a scallywag. What a good little Mumma tho giving her baby lots of cuddles.

  4. What a sweet little treasure she is. I agree with Miss Kitty - dreaming of cooler days and just can't wait.

  5. Hello Amy,

    Mahli looks very cute. Treasure her.
    Happy days.

  6. WElcome to our fun Treasure Tuesdays... great to read you.... Mahli is very cute....my one daughter was like that... dressed her own special way....

  7. Mahli is a sweet little girl and a real treasure to share!

  8. Mahli is probably like the rest of us looking forward to the next season. Aren't we over this one in QLD. She is such a cutie - a real treasure!


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