Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Three... Boys Names I love...

I was just doing some blog hopping and came across this post @ kasiabear and thought I would join in.

My top 3 boys names are:

Caden- I dreamt of his name one night whilst pregnant with him and kept it to myself for several weeks thinking hubby would hate it as he was hoping for Lachlan at the time, but when I eventually told him he loved it and Caden was Caden from then on.

Ethan- This hasn't always been a favourite name of mine, in fact baby Ethan had no name for the first two days of this life because we couldn't decide. I liked Eamon, Brendan liked Ethan and in the end I gave in. Now I am glad I did as I really don't like the name Eamon anymore and I think Ethan rocks!

Noah- Noah was on our list for Ethan, but we already knew of a few Noahs'. So hubby said no. I am still sad about that.

What are you favourite 3 boys names? Pop on over to kasiabear and play along. I love talking baby names!


  1. This is an easy one for me as I have three sons - Noah, Declan and Jake x

  2. Hi Amy
    I've just been wondering around your blog.. gorgeous and i love the vintage greeting cards in your etsy store!!
    Noah is one of my favourites too.. it was on zac's list but never eventuated.
    Thanks for joining in!!


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