Friday, April 1, 2011

I miss sleep!

Not the best photo, but can you see all those teeth. A few weeks ago he had none... nada... zip! All of a sudden he has the 2 middle bottom teeth through, 1 top and just broke through yesterday and there are three others hovering under the gum ready to break through. My other two kidlets were the best teethers in the world. They would just wake up one morning with a new tooth! Not this little guy. He has been waking all through the night and at times nothing will ease his pain.

You wouldn't guess it from these photo's though

check out his awesome eyelashes.

Look Mum, I have new teeth

deep in thought!

I swear my kids make pacts with each other on who will be the one to take my sleep away. Last night Ethan only woke once at 11pm, but Mahli, just would not sleep and then kept waking all night.

Ywan, fingers crossed for an early night! I have to work tomorrow.

1 comment :

  1. Your label says it all. Teething Sux. My little guy has #7 pushing through right now after a lovely three week break where there was no movement and lots of sleep. I swear by his amber teething beads!


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