Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am grateful for...

...the fact that I am about to become a full time stay at home mum again! I gave work my notice that I am no longer available for casual hours whilst on Maternity Leave (yes, I was crazy enough to agree to work on a casual basis whilst still on leave!) I also extended my leave until May 2012 WOOT! I am excited about that.

I wouldn't call it being grateful, well maybe I would, but I have taught myself to knit this week! I am pretty excited about that. I have managed to make myself a coffee cup cosy

yes, i did put a COFFEE cup cosy on a glass to take a picture...

and also started on a scarf for myself.

I bought some kits for olive and me to try out and they were so easy and I am enjoying it so much. One of the juniors at work yesterday told me I was to young to knit 'casue knitting is for grandma's, lol. Thanks a lot K, thanks a lot...

Pop on over and visit Maxabella to see what some other great people are grateful for this week.

P.S I still haven't found my camera so am still making do with my iPhone. Maybe if I bribe the kids they will remember where they put it???


  1. Enjoy your leave and knitting!I am sure next week will see you grateful for finding your camera!
    Have a great week
    Sandrine x

  2. Wow, you've already knitted 'a something' and you only just started!? I'm still working on the scarf I started in 2006... hmmmm.... I'm a total natural, obviously!!

    Good on you for making your fam your priority right now. If it feels right, it probably is!! x

  3. How fabulous. Hopefully you will have lots of time for blogging.

  4. Maxabella- The coffee cup cosy was super easy. I finished it in about an hour. The oliveandme kits are so easy to understand. I have been trying to teach myself to knit for ages and after reading their instructins I finally got it! Haha about your scarf!

    I hope so to Melody!

    Sandrine- Fingers crossed that I can be grateful for that on Saturday!


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