Saturday, April 9, 2011

I am grateful for...

Lemsip! For the second time in the past months I'm sick. This time isn't as bad as last time in regards to my sickness. But it is 100 times worse because all three kids are sick too! Caden and Mahli are soldiering on okay, but Baby Ethan isn't coping to well. So not much sleep happening in these parts (again! last week it was because of teething!)

Next week I promise not to turn my 'I am grateful for' a whinging session

But on a more positive note I am also grateful for market days! 

MahliMoo had there first market day today. Whilst it was only a small local market with no stall fee, I did meet some new people and make a few small sales! And it also got my first few likers on my facebook page that I recently started for my store.

Hope everyone is in tip top health and that you all have a fantastic weekend in your part of the world!

Be sure to pop on over to Maxabella Loves to see some other grateful posts!

Much love


  1. did well to hold a market day stall while being unwell! Hope you feel better shortly and have a good week.

  2. I'm lemsipping away too, Amy. Poor us!

    Happy that you made it to your market, though. That's great news. x


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