Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am grateful for...

I am grateful for a lot of things this week. But the main two things are-

1.  Coffee! And lots of it! My sleep has been so limited this past week that it is the only things waking me up in the morning and allowing me to get through the day!

2. My husband who let me actually sleep in this morning cause god (and everyone else!) knows I needed it.

What are you grateful for? Pop on over to Maxabella loves to see some more grateful peeps this weekend!


  1. Sleep ins! Coffee (which I don't drink, but still!) Happy days, Amy! x

  2. I can't remember how that daylight saving thing works up north anymore. If you lived down south you would have scored a WHOLE EXTRA HOUR this morning (er, not that my kids took any advantage)...

  3. Hahahaha, so true! I could go another coffee myself actually....

  4. No daylight savings here Tania. Bummer that your kids didn't give you that extra sleep.

    Lol Amy, I am trying not to drink to much or I'll be up all night peeing even if the kids are letting me sleep!


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