Friday, March 4, 2011

What a WICKED Thursday!

Guess where I went yesterday... Come one! I'll give you another clue. I bet you will GREEN with envy!!! (unless of course you have already been!0

Well if you didn't guess from the capitals in the post title or the the colour Green where the hell have you been for oh I don't know... a very long time!

B and I seen Wicked last night in Brisbane! It was awesome. Not only did we go and see Wicked, we also got to spend two days together with out being called Mummy and Daddy!

We got to enjoy a spot of shopping and a stroll through Southbank, and did I mention we got to eat our dinner together and whilst it was still hot! Don't get me wrong, I missed to kids so so much! But it was good to have some us time!

Wicked was awesome as I said before! Jenna Rix is amazing! I had to laugh when she was performing Defying Gravity and B said "Hey, that's of Glee'. Lol he certainly isn't into musicals! I wasn't to keen on Bert Newton as the wizard. He was a bit ho hum in parts, but I warmed to him in the end! Lucy Durack was fantastic as well. I am defiantly an Elphaba fan all the way. But Lucy is so funny as Galinda.

Well just a short and sweet post today. I am spent from our trip- did I mention of flight was delayed due to mechanical problems... and then the pilot had to take us on a scenic tour of the area due to thunder and lighting when we where about to land...

I'll be back over the weekend to share some piccies of my purchases and the scenery as Caden sent us with strict instruction to take photo's of EVERYTHING!

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