Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No wonder I feel so blergh!

I have posted before about my PND. When I was diagnosed I was also told I was anemic and put on iron supplements. When these didn't work I was then put on weekly iron injections in January and February and then told to come back in 6 weeks for a follow up blood test. That happened last week. Apparently  I still have very low iron levels and again have been told to take supplements. Now it didn't work last time so fingers crossed my luck has changed and things turn out alright this time around.
I had an inkling my iron levels where pretty shitty considering I am ALWAYS tired! No matter how much sleep I am getting I could always do with more!
I like to think that me PND has up and left me, but sometimes I feel like it peeking through. I have been down since Sunday, and first the first time since I have been diagnosed I have suffering from some anxiety. I have never had to deal with that before so the last few days after be crappy!

I have everything crossed that it goes back into hiding again soon and I don't see that black dog ever again.

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  1. Iron is tricky, low iron is as exhausting as high iron (which i've suffered from). A natural balance is best, if you go on iron tablets, well, bowel movements are a challenge!! I can feel when i need a good steak, but i find exercise really helps too. Love Posie


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