Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My weekend...

Also included in my weekend were salt water gargling {but I had to relearn how to gargle! Who would of thunk it that you could for get how to gargle!} Chicken soup and lots of neurofen.

Monday seen me at the doctors as I was just not getting better and aching from head to toe! I walked out with a script for antibiotics. Lets hope today improves dramatically and all of my 'at home remedies' weren't for nothing!

On another note! I keep forgetting to take photo's of my linen cupboard for the Organised Home Challenge. I will try and get onto that later this week when I hopefully feel remotely alive!

Do you have any sure fire at home remedies for the nastiest throat infection ever???


  1. I had a throat infection last week too! The best advice I can give you is to buy Cepacaine and gargle with it. Not only does it numb but it kills the germies! Also if you wanna fork out $20 go for the difflam throat spray. It works but gives the old gag reflexes some exercise!...Sal

  2. Thanks for the tips Sal! Sorry to hear you were struck by a throat infection too! I am just crossing everything and praying to whoever will listen that my kids don't get it!!!


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