Friday, March 25, 2011

My creative space...

Happy My creative spacing peeps!
Not much creating happening this week...BUT lots of planning is going on, be it in my head or making purchases or shopping lists to make my idea's happen.

I have this pile of t-shirts that I scored for $2 each ready to be appliqued

 and matching, skirts, pants and bloomers in the midst!

I have this pile of books for inspiration!
1. My OTi Organiser (this doubles as my scribble/ideas book) 2. The Creative Family- Amanda Blake Soule 3. Marking Childrens Clothes- Emma Hardy. 4. Sew Me Love Me 5. Handmade Home- Amand Blake Soule 6. Little Stiches for Little Ones- Amy Butler 7. Weekend Sewing- Heather Ross 8. In Stiches- Amy Butler.
I did actually get to make something made this week though whilst in my 'planning' mood. I made Mahli a dress. It is the first dress I have actually made and I did it with out a pattern so I am mighty pleased with myself. I do have a few changes in mind for next time though. But all in all I am pleased and so is she!
What do you think? 

You may remember that I had taken over my formal dining table with the sewing, well I thought I would give back our dining table {well kinda} I remembered that we had an old computer desk in the shed and thought it would be a great size for my sewing machine.  The desk is now located in the corner of the room and that means the dining table is clear for a cutting area which is easier to clean up as I can just leave my sewing machine where it is and pack up the cutting area when the need arises.
I do have to figure out some storage for my fabric and notions etc, as they are just n clear storage boxes lined up along the far wall out of peoples line of sight when they walk past the room.

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  1. I love that dress. Will you be jotting down a pattern in the future?? What a gorgeous model your daughter is :)

  2. Thanks Vicky. I am not sure anyone else would be able to understand my pattern, lol. I kinda just fluked it. We think she is pretty cute too!


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