Thursday, March 10, 2011

My creative space!

 Happy My Creative Space Thursday peeps! 

Well this week seen some self cover buttons get well... covered! 

It was an organised mess... really it was. Caden is in the background practicing writing his name. Oh and can you see my giant coffee mug. It is a whole $2 from K-mart. I had to have it! Not only for it's size but it's colour!

I made some good progress! After fighting with my hot glue gun we turned them into hair ties, hair clips and 


Mahli had to be swatted away repeatedly because she wanted them all! 
I am planning to list most of them on Etsy, but just need the time to take some semi-decent photographs!

For more creative spaces, pop on over to  kootoyoo and check out some very creative people!


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