Sunday, March 6, 2011

My creative space...

My creative space is a little bit late the week as I was away on Thursday as we treated ourselves to a child free trip to Brisbane to see Wicked!

This week my creative space saw some more cushions being made. I decided to ditch the zips this time and do envelope closures (I think that is what it is called!)

I also fell in love with Typo this week! I love that place and could of spent up big there, but the budget kept popping into my head and I had to keep putting things down. But I did come out with these lovely things.

Missing from the photos are two cards. One was given to a friend at her baby shower and the other to my Dad. He received a Keep Calm and Carry On type card.

And to continue with my love affair with cushions from this past fortnight I plan on turning the carry bag I got from typo into one!

I have big plans for my creative space next with more cushions, a lap quilt, some more bunting and some pencils rolls. Oh not to mention some yo-yo's and some self cover button hair ties! Lets see how much I can cross of my list.

For more creative spaces pop on over to kootoyoo!

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the photo's! They are from my iphone!

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