Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gay Friendly.

Last week I was scouring the net for a place to stay when we head to Brisbane on Thursday to see Wicked. Did I tell you we are going kid free!!! I am excited but nervous as it is the first time I have spent the night away from Ethan. Well anyway back to what I was originally planning to write about... I booked our hotel and then last night I went back to check the booking and get the address and then I noticed that they advertise themselves as Gay Friendly... Now I may live in a bubble. But in this day and age do establishments really need to advertise this. I would of thought that it would be a given anywhere you went!! Have they not heard of discrimination anyhow.

I was really quiet flabbergasted when I read and it still has me stumped as to why they felt the need to advertise this fact...

Do you think it is necessary in 2011 for places to be advertising this? Is it really a selling point? I mean everywhere should be gay friendly?


  1. That is a little odd! Maybe they hope it will bring them more trade?? Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following along now and looking forward to seeing what you get up to :O)

  2. Most places are gay friendly but I guess it is the little things, like making sure they have a room with a big bed as opposed to two singles (mistake my MIL made when managaing a motel) or even just looks from staff member and quiet jokes.



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