Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day...

  It's Valentines Day! And I am married to the most unromantic guy in the world (well maybe not the world) But B really gets stuck with romantic gestures. I guess I am kind of used to it now. He does try sometimes, but he gets all overwhelmed with the whole gift giving thing. That's not just restricted to Valentines Day, but Birthday, Christmas and Anniversaries. Anything that requires giving a gift really. So this year I bought my own Valentines day gift! Tickets to Wicked!

We are going in 3 weeks!!! I can't wait. Brendan is a wee bit hesitant on the whole deal as he isn't really into musicals. But I think he will enjoy himself. It will also be my first night away from Ethan as we are flying to Brisbane for the night. I am a tiny bit scared about that, but he is an easy going baby so will be completely fine I am sure.

But back to Valentines day. We won't be doing anything special today. Maybe just a walk at the beach with the kids and a movie on the couch once they are in bed. B did say he was going to cook dinner, but that could change. He does try in the kitchen but his skills are limited to scrabbled eggs (in the microwave), bacon and eggs and oven fried chips. 
So what are you going for your loved one this Valentines Day or do you prescribe to the 'It's a Hallmark Holdiay' line of thinking?

Do you have any funny Valentines Day story to share??? I would love to hear them. 

I have a kind of funny story from my High school Days. I was in grade 12 and my boyfriend at the time was adamant I was getting nothing from him. Nothing at all. He made sure all my friends knew too! Now as you can expect as a 16 year old I was quiet upset by this. Well anyway Valentines day comes around and he rocked up at school with nothing at all. I give him his gift and walk away empty handed. Now at the time I also had another guy wanting to date me (ahhh, those where the days!!!) and he had brought a gift to give to me. Poor guy I had nothing to give to him and felt bad as he had done such a sweet gesture as he knew the boyfriend was intending on giving me nothing... or so we thought. At morning break I was given a note to go to the office and low and behold the boyfriend had arranged something! I single boxed rose delivered from the florsit. It was gorgeous. And didn't I feel oh so bad for the other guy! I ended up with two Valentines days gifts that year! Needless to say I was with B the following year, so two gifts hasn't happened since. But from memory he gave me a single pink rose, a claddah ring (it was 2003 and they where all the rage) and a racy card that my mother read and went bright  red! 


  1. Im so jealous about Wicked. Mitch was always going to take me to see it but its now left Sydney :( I hope you both have a ball.

    We don't normally do Valentines day so I was pretty impressed by my present this year. 8 Boost chocolate bars shaped into love heart on our bed. Ive already eaten 2 *blush*

  2. Naw, how cute is Mitch with the boost bars!!! How inventive of him!

    You will just have to convince him to make the trip to Brisbane! They need the tourism now sine the floods, so you could always pull the charity angle...

    Brendan was apparently planning on putting our Wicked tickets in a card but forgot...

  3. Tickets to Wicked! Hope you both enjoy it.
    I think our husbands have the same culinary skills!
    Cinda from Blog This.


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