Monday, February 21, 2011

School... the good, the bad and the ugly....

Whilst blog hopping last week I came across this post on  Mumstrosity and after reading it and the comments it got me thinking about how much this kind of things impact on us as we grow up. If you haven't clicked the link it is about her prep aged child bringing home this note:

"On [date] we will be providing free Super Doopers [icy poles] for each child then they will have free outdoor play until lunch time.
Students who have recorded inappropriate behaviour from [date] will be supervised by a teacher in a classroom.
A note will be sent home during the week if your child is unable to attend our activity."

I don't agree with the rewarding with food and outside play time at school... I mean shouldn't they be in the class room with the whole class. What happened to a sticker or certificate and the end of week/term for good behaviour. Back in my day (which really wasn't that long ago) that was the norm.

But it also made me remember some things that happened in the classroom when I was at school. I clearly remember being in grade 7 and we were learning about graphs/charts and statistics etc. the teacher (who was uber tall and slim) made the whole class weigh themselves in front of each other and tell the whole class how much we weighed and then proceeded to write it on the board as apart of our learning exercise. The lesson went on for about a week and yep you guessed it! Our weights stayed there the whole time. I still remember the look on some of the girls faces when it was there turn (mine included!) It was so sad. I mean what made the teacher think it would be a great idea for that to happen. At that age a fair chunk of the class where going through puberty and body changes whilst others weren't which meant a vast difference in body sizes. This little exercises only exacerbated the bad body image a lot of us girls had. And to have to weigh ourselves in front of our crushes :gasp: the horror of it all!

We put the lives and development of our kids in their teachers hands to a very large extent and it scares me right now. I am scared about what kind of impact there teachers will have on them. Is a good teacher still hard to come by? So far we are happy with our kindy teachers. But we are only in kindy... I don't want me kids faking a headache to get out of maths class because there teacher was horrid ( I may or may not have done that... Woody you are an evil evil man and I hope you get what is coming to you!!!!).
I want them to enjoy school for all the joy and knowledge it brings.

Sorry for the very disjointed post today. I am still not feeling well from yesterday. Do you remember how busy my weekend was supposed to be? Well yesterday it fell apart. I had a lovely headache which is still lingering which means my linen cupboard is still calling my name! I will get there I promise! And B had to take the kids to a birthday party by himself. But that meant I got some much needed SLEEP!!!

Hope your weekend was all you hoped for and that your week is shaping up to be a good one!!

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