Friday, February 4, 2011

Party preps and The Zoo!

Well so much for posting everyday! Maybe that is why Ethan was looking at me like this today

Maybe he new I was telling porkies! 3
Things have been crazy here with Kindy, Swimming lessons and not to forget the preparations from Mahli's 3rd Birthday Party this weekend. I am working all day tomorrow so have to make a start on the cake tonight and Little Miss has requested a trampoline from the Women's Weekly Kids Birthday Cake Cookbook. Which looks easy peasy! I am so glad she changed her mind from the Castle I made from her first birthday. It wasn't hard, but it took A LOT of time, which I don't have at present.

So far I have baked some cupcakes,

started on the pinata,

made some sausage rolls (sorry no photo's of them!) and stocked up the party bags. I still have to make the pizza scrolls, Jelly cups, and well a whole lot more. I was planning on giving each guest a small pencil roll, but when I counted up how many kids are coming (17) and counted down the days I had left to do it I quickly changed my mind!!!
 They are quick and easy to whip up, but I since I have been trying to finish my Sherbet Pips Quilt for Caden I didn't want to put to much on my plate. I am already not sleeping since ceasing my meds that I don't want to overwhelm myself and end up in a blubbering mess again.
I inadvertently ceased my meds! You remember how we went to Brisbane last week to see my grandad in hospital. Well silly me forgot to pack all of my medication (including The Pill ekk!!!) so after 3 days of withdrawals (including irrational thoughts) I decided screw this I am not taking them again only to go through it again when my Dr agrees I can cease. I have been doing pretty good so don't see any harm in my not taking them. I have the self awareness now to know when I am going down hill and ask B for help straight away. 

You're probably wondering where I am going to start talking (or writing???) about the Zoo I mention in the post title. Well that is what my Family calls our house. And since our recent additions of Jessie and Minnie the guinea pigs Brendan has been joking that he is going to start charging an admission fee upon entry. You we do have a few (or ALOT) of animals here. Lets go through the tally.
Bella-our beautiful golden Labrador
Angus- our mischievous Black Lab
Remy- Our cranky miniature dachshund

Shadow- Caden's Black and White Moggy
Sophie- My loner seal point Ragdoll
She likes to keep to herself
 Boots- Brendan Blue Point Raggy
Ollie- Mahli's Blue Lynx Point Raggy
He really needs a brush!
We have 4 Budgies- Cuddlepot, Cuddlepie, Dora and Deigo

Guinea Pigs-
Jessie is a self golden sow and Minnie is a self black sow.

There you go that is all our animals. We have quiet a menagerie. I will try and post pics of the rest of the tribe next week.We used to have fish until Mahli feed them a red crayon last year. Thankfully she has improved in her per caring skills.

Bye bye for now! I have a cake to bake xx

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