Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Party of 5ive...

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I got called into work last night and whilst listening to the random tunes they play over our speaker system I stumbled upon the theme song the the 90's TV show Party of Five. I used to love the show and lust over Scott Wolf. Even is I was WAY to young for him, a pre-teen/tween can dream right? Besides he carries his age well. Who would of thought he was born in '68, only 17 years my senior! And only 6 yrs my mothers junior!!! ROFL.

I mean check out those dimples!

You may be wondering where I am going with this.. Well it got me thinking if I was happy with my party of five? You see I really want a party of 6, but hubby on the other hand is a flat out party of five fan... Yep that is one big dilemma right there. So I am trying to convince myself that 3 children is they was to go. But you see I am not getting very far with reasoning with my heart (or head for that matter) You see I am not really the compromising sort. And neither is B so we go round and round in circles without any answers being given by either of us. Well that is a lie. My response is always that I don't feel 'done' and I feel like someone is missing from our lives. But he thinks that is a load of cods wallop and isn't having a bar of that response.
So have you hit this dilemma in your family planning? Do you and your significant other agree on the number of children in your brood? Share your thoughts with me as mine circle round and round in my head.

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