Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Organised Home Challenge 2011!

That sounds a wee bit scary doesn't it. Well it would if you looked in my walk-in robe, or my linen cupboard, or my sewing area, or my pantry. Well you get the drift...
I came across the challange over at mousehouse and so want to take part. So I figured if I blogged it I would make me more accountable.

Will you join me. What part of your home needs the most orgaisational help? Or are you are perfect saint and everything has a place and can ALWAYS be found there????

Leave a comment if you are going to blog along with the Challenge. I would love to watch your progress!

P.S Isn't the Mousehouse blog just so dame cute, colourful and inspiring???


  1. Not sure how good i will go, but I'm on board! Since we only moved in 3 months ago I've got places for most things organised...its more finding time every day to put everything back in its place. I struggle to get the washing washed, dried AND put away in a day...and I'm always a load behind with the dishwasher. that and I'd like to get my children organised...toys, bags and lunches packed the night before, all that sort of hoohaa. So that we actually make it out the door in the morning by 9am when we need to.


  2. Hey Mel!

    Washing is the bain of my existince!

    I will kick off with a post tomorrow with Challange Number 1: The linen cupboard (and I have only just realised how unusual the word cupboard looks!!!)
    Mine is attrocious! It will be rather embarrasing to share!


  3. Hi Amy, thanks heaps for joining in the challenge! look foward to seeing your linen cupboard pics, i am loving mine and even my hubby commented that he likes my labels! thanks so much for your lovely comment about my blog above too :)


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