Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Organised Home Challenge 2011: Challenge Number 1-The linen cupboard

Here I go! About to embarrass myself...

Okay some of the towels are neatly folded! But that is about it. I will update later in the week on how I go but here are some things I am planning:

  1. Doona covers- The kids each have a few so they will go in each of there rooms room in the top of there wardrobe to free up some space (which we need as we have a lot of sheets!!!)
  2. Bottom of cupboard will be cleared and my vacuum will live there again!
  3. All doona sets will go inside the matching pillow case (I have been meaning to do this for ages!)
  4. I got the idea from Meagan over at Mousehouse, but our linen sprays will live in here too now. 
That is it for now. Wish me luck!!!

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