Thursday, February 17, 2011

My creative space...

Today's Thursday, did ya know??? Well know you do!

Every Thursday 'My Creative Space' is hosted over at kootoyoo
and this week I thought I would join in...

First off I thought I would show you where exacting 'my creative space' is.

Yep that is my dining table complete with the centerpiece candles just pushed to the side *blush*

And here are somethings that have been going on in my creative space this past week (or two)

Yes, I did finally finish the Sherbet Pips quilt, just don't look to closely. I got a wee bit inpatient towards the end and machine stitched the binding at the back and well lets just say it is completely straight! But hey is is my first proper quilt (I have made a doll size quilt for Mahli before) so I am pretty happy with it. I learnt a lot and can't wait to start me next one!

And I finished the bunting for Ethan's room. I got hubby to measure the length for me and cut my twill tape, so lets just say it is a wee bit long. But I will know for next time. I told him it would be huge when finished and he assured me he measure correctly!

And that is about it for my creative space today. I did make a few stuffed Babushka dolls this week, but forgot to take photo's.

Have you been doing anything creative this week???

My linen cupboard is still in process, but will get done so I can redeem myself from yesterdays embarrassing photo!!!

Well I better be getting us all ready for swimming lessons. 

Till Tomorrow



  1. Dont blush - my work space is our living room coffee table. I have to pile everything underneath before I can work on it! :-) p.s. love the quilt

  2. Hi
    Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
    Love it! Will be back!


  3. Yeah, most of us start in the dining room! I used to have a little sewing table pushed up against the wall of the dining room - I got a lot done given the limited space, but it was dreadful when I had to pack it up when guests came over for dinner!

  4. Michelle, I hear you about packing it all away when guests come over! It is such a pain especially when I am in the middle of something!

    KT- Lol about the coffee table. Thanks for the comment on the quilt. It is very beginner, but I love it.

    Hi Trish! I will pay you a visit soon!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmm... bunting! My favourite!

  6. The bunting is lovely. Just the thing for a boy's room. He he... the kitchen table. We just a brand new table that is nearly 3 mts long. I told my lovely and very supportive husband that now we had a longer table that we would always have half free. He just laughed and said that I would spread my stuff further and he was right.

  7. Hey, Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Your quilt is awesome, taking any orders?


  8. Lovely quilt! Nice to have you in MCS!

  9. Lol, Michelle, my dining table is about 2 and a half meters and I take up the whole area! Your husband knows you to well :-P
    a field of dream- I love your blog so it is my pleasure to add it to my blog roll. I am so not good enough at quilting to be taking orders. Maybe one day after my house is busting at the seems while I practice and practice and practice.

    Thanks gret! It is my first single bed size and I am proud of it. Just don't look at it too closely. You will see every flaw!


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