Friday, February 11, 2011

Lunch box ideas... Pretty Please?

Since Caden started kindy 3 weeks ago I have been struggling to think of what to pack for his morning tea and lunch. For Lunch all he wants is a Sandwich with boring Vegemite or some days Chessymite (or special Vegemite as he calls it). For morning tea I have tried- grapes and cheese, olives and cheese (this kids would make his Italian ancestors happy! He would live on olives if I let him!) carrot sticks and rice crackers, cut up apples, pears etc. But most of the time morning tea comes home uneaten even though he helps me pack it and it is everything he asks for. He doesn't want anything else for lunch but comes home and heads straight for the fridge...

So help me please! What are your tricks to getting them to bring home empty lunchboxes!

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