Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's have Dinner...

I don't have to time get escape that mad house at the moment so bare with me while I imagine my escape.

Let's imagine that I magically freed up a spare night so that we could catch up for Dinner. Where would we go?
No idea! But I like the look of this
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  •  I would tell you that I sooooooo needed this night out as Mahli has found her lungs again and has set a new record of crying no stop for over an hour with no apparent reason.
  • I would also tell you that I am almost finished my first ever quilt and that I am so proud of myself (you probably wouldn't care about that though as you are really a crafter, or are you?)
  • I would tell you that I am opening up my own little Etsy store to attempt at making a little extra money.
  • We of course would discuss the foremost political topics that are occurring at the time. Or not...
  • Oh I would tell you how I hate Footy season as I lose my husband until July at the earliest! Yes it is Footy season already!
  • hmmm... We would possibly talk about the weather and how Mother Nature has it in for Queensland at the moment.
  • I am sure I would have a lot of other un-interesting this to say to you.
What would you have to say to me? Share it all with me so I can finish  my imaginary dinner in my head.

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