Sunday, February 27, 2011

GRRR to Technology!

I know just enough about computers to work my way around most things and I am smart enough (if I do say so myself) to teach myself what I need to know when it comes to technology. I am the person in this house to set up any new fang dangle appliance (that extends to my parents, grandparents and brothers house too!) So why oh why can't I get my modem working again???

It is driving me bonkers! I spent over an hour on the phone to a lovely lady from India who's name I can't pronounce for her only to tell me my modem was dead. So I ventured into Hardly Normals and they replaced it no questions asked. I then get home and the new one doesn't work... Now I know it is nothing to do with the freakin ADSL line because my old modem and router setup is working as soon as I plug them in. Belkin has no clue. I have scanned the computer numerous times for viruses and am coming up with nothing!

Are there any computer minded peeps out there that can help me??? Please so I can stop doing this-

At the moment I couldn't give a hoot if it never works again! But we purchased this modem so the bloody T-Box at the front of the house could pick up the net and now hubby is crying because he can't watch V8's on Bigpond TV... 

Edit: In my rage before when I was typing this I don't know if it clear that  the orginial modem router was working until Wednesday when it suddenly stopped. It has been working fault free since September when we purchased it. Now not so much! It keeps taunting me with a flashing red light!


  1. Ummm... I think I may have come across this... does the computer connect to the network but not the net? Have you checked firewalls? Might be time to call a computer dude to come look at it. (it is plugged in, right?)

  2. LOL Rach! You just made me laugh. Yes it is plugged in (well not at the moment cause then I would have no net :-P) Luckily I decided to keep our old modem and router just in case! Yeah, it connects to the network but not the net. I have checked the firewalls but it wouldn't hurt for me to have another look... thanks for the suggestion!


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