Friday, February 18, 2011

Gearing up for a busy weekend...

Aren't weekends supposed to be a relaxing occasion? Not in this house they aren't! I am slowly returning to work which means I work one Saturday a fortnight and you guessed it! That Saturday is tomorrow. And it also happens to fall on B's first night shift which means the kidlets need to be babysat for a few hours and I will get home just after B leaves for work :-( So we won't really see each other at all until Sunday afternoon which we then have a birthday party to attend.

That leads to what the thoughts of what to give the birthday girl. She is turning three and is the kids that has everything. I am thinking of fabric covered button hair ties and a little pleated pouch, but I am really not sure...

You know what else I have discovered! This stay at home mum gig is hard!!! You may be gasping and thinking you have three kids and you have only just figured this out or you are going the alternate route and thinking I am crazy and it is the easiest thing in the world! If you are thinking the later than all power to you. But this week has been super crazy with Kindy drop off's and pick up 3 days this week then swimming yesterday and today. We haven't been home all week. And I thought I was a STAY at home mum. Well we haven't been doing much staying at home! And I am also kind of scared as I am doing more hours at work next week (and yes I still call myself a stay at home mum as I am only working casually until at least jan 2011!) and will be at work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. So it will be a juggle of Kindy Drop off and Swimming lessons. Luckily I can share the load with B and my mum next week, but I am also worried about how I will cope with all the rushing around that will happen. With my PND I have to watch how much I take on so I don't end up in a blubbering mess...

Well I suppose I better be getting the kids ready for swimming!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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  1. Hey at least when you're out and about the house can't get messy (or messier if you're anything like me)!

    Thanks for Flogging at Where's My Glow? today!

  2. That implies the house is clean in the first place... :-P

  3. I'm a stay at home Mum too, with 3 lovely (but fairly feral) kids. When I'm not discussing the hard hitting topics with Miss5 who thinks she's 25; I'm negotiating peace between the 2yr old twin tornado's. I have a Saturday job - I work alone, solo, in a silent office. With an espresso machine. For a guy who tells me to put my feet up, read a book or magazine, surf the internet - do whatever I want, just so long as I'm in the office. I LIVE for my Saturday's. It is the only "me" time I get. Which is followed by family activity on Sunday's. So, while my weekends all zoom past, they are the highlight of my week.


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