Saturday, January 22, 2011


Happy weekend my imaginary readers! You may be wondering about the blog title today. Well guess what? I treated myself this week with a bit of retail therapy (I do that when I am 'down') and here are a few of my scores!

Aren't they just the cutest!
I got them from Amazon. Since Caden reached Toddlerdom (and is now a Kindy kid) we have been baking up a storm to entertain him and so I spend alot of time baking treats and just couldn't restist the Matroyshkas measuing cups. And Check out the awesome finger spatula! When we opened the parcel Caden just said 'Aww Mum that just the coolest'. Naw how cute is he!!!

I also indulged in a new sewing Machine. You may remember me wanting to throw mine out a window earlier in the week. Well I almost did when I was sewing Caden's kindy sheets! So off to Ebay I went and came up with this! Not only did I get it for $450. But all profits from her sales in January go towards the QLD Flood Appeal!

Can't wait for the new machine to arrive. I have so many plans for that baby!

Today I am off to get last minute things for Caden starting Kindy on Monday and the requested items for his first lunch box. Typing that makes me sad. Where has the last 4 and a half yrs gone???
We are also picking up some Guinea Pigs for Mahli's birthday. Her birthday isn't until the 31st but the Breeder said they are ready to go now. Mahli is a little Dr Dolittle. She loves all animals and it is just so dam cute to watch. Now you maybe saying 'Hang on Amy isn't is a bad idea to be giving a 3 yr old pet guinea pigs. She is to young to have that resposiblity.' I know this all to well. The resposibilty will fall on me completly. Mahli will just be my 'helper'. And she will love every minute of it.

Well I best go get organised. Have a fab weekend!

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