Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's hump day and I am out of Moscato!

And what a day it has been! I am longing for this week to be over. Caden and Mahli have been testing me all day, it seems their ears were turned off or atleast not on my frequency. They just would not listen to a single thing I said today and I have been a mess most of the week because of my Grandads impending operation so have had a short fuse. But all the back chatting must of tired Mahli out because she is sound asleep as has been since 7pm a record for her. So just trying to coax Caden into his bed and I think I will catch up on some Tivo since B is on nightshift.

Oh, something else that tested my patience today, a zipper! I have never ever had to sew on a zipper. I always just use elastic waist on the kids clothes and all bags have just been open, but I decided to make a pleated pouch purse so had to try my had at a zipper and lets just say there where a few choice words at the zipper and at my machine. On any other day it would of probably been an easy task, but not today with the two eldest being terrors! It just didn't want to co-operate!. So don't look at this next photo to closely. Lucky it is just for Mahli as she is getting to that age where she loves carrying around a bag and 'purse'

Oh and excuse the lighting it is from my iphone and I couldn't get any natural light today as it was overcast and thundering all afternoon.

Well I better go and get Caden in bed and enjoy some me time but without Moscato :-(

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