Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I need a blog title... and keep my Grandad in your thoughts this week please.

Not much really to say today... I dropped my Grandparents of at the trainstation as my Grandad has to head to Brisbane for a triple bypass and a valve replacement which is happening on Thursday. We are all just a wee bit scared, but nowhere near as scared as him. He woke up at 3am this morning, my Granny jokingly said he was excited. She is scared and I so wish I could be there to be with them but alas I can't. We were supposed to be driving down on Friday morning, but because of the floods Grandad asked us to promise not to risk driving down as the roads are horrendous and he didn't want us making the trip (I also think he silently doesn't want my three terrors being to loud in the hospital).

On a cheerer note C starts kindy on Monday and he is all excited to be starting 'school' whilst I am dreading it. Well I don't know if dreading is the word but I am going to miss that little bugger. It is only 5 days a fortnight, but it will just be so quiet around the house for those 5 days. No-one fighting over toys or arguing for the sake of it. E is to young for M to harrass just yet (thank god) M is the stirrer of the house! God help us when she is a teenager!

On the sewing front it has been two more pencil rolls and half a pleated pouch. Only half because I don't have a zipper to finish it. I will hopefully pick up one tomorrow when I head into town to drop my Mum of at the airport. She is flying down to be with my Grandparents.

Well Miss M is telling me to turn the puter off so I better go settle her into bed. Wish me luck because she is a nightowl!

Oh just because here is photo of Mr E looking a cheeky as ever!

E's first taste of Pumpkin

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